For as long as she can remember she has had a passion for true crimes.

She blames it on her curious nature on wanting and needing to know what is inside the mind of a murderer and what makes them tick.

Her idea to come up with a channel on True Crimes was because she wanted to share her love of the subject with like-minded people.

She loves talking and discussing what other people think about the crimes, and what might have happened as there are always more than many versions of the same story.

Wolf is the little sister of Oak, who came to him a while back and asked him if he wanted to help with creating a True Crime Channel with her.

If you’re reading this, he said yes 😊


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Oak’s name was chosen because his name means Oak Tree in his mother’s native language.

His passion for true crimes comes from his younger days when he was in jail and got to meet some of Australia’s murderers and hardcore criminals.

He was also there when a domestic situation turned into murder.

(For my respect for my brother I will never cover this story. Please do not ask him about it. – Wolf)

Oak is the older brother of Wolf, and even though they can get on each other’s nerves they have a close bond and are always looking out for each other.


When Wolf came to him with this idea, he found it interesting and said yes.

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